News Flash #1
The project is on Myspace, at Please consider adding us to your friends list, in order to keep up on project news. Or just check back here from time to time.






News Flash #5
As of today (February 4, 2008), all of the stories we've received are now online! (To take a look, click on "map", to your left. Check back soon for the final edition of the book. That said, we're still looking for more stories. Please email us if you'd like to participate. Thanks!

News Flash #4
We've printed up a few hundred copies of "The Last Time I Saw..." Most of them will be left in public spaces around Providence RI over the next month.




However, we've reserved a number of them that we will mail out for free to anyone who sends us the postage (three $0.41 stamps).

Would you like a free copy? Email us at, and we'll let you know
where to send the stamps.

News Flash #3
We'll be participating in the ProvFlux Art Festival this year. On Saturday, July 14 at 5pm, we'll give a walking tour (which will leave from FooFlux, at AS220, at 115 Empire Street). On Saturday and Sunday, we'll also be around town, collecting stories. Hope to see you there!



News Flash #2
We'd like to thank everybody who submitted stories for the first version of the project! (That said, we're still looking for more stories for the second version. If you haven't done so already, we hope you'll consider sharing a memory or two.)

To view the stories we've received as of May 31, please go to the "maps" page (to view the project as an interactive map), or the "book" page (to download a free PDF of the stories. The printed version of the book is in the works...