tim devin

"The last time I saw..."

What special meanings do public places carry for its residents? What secret associations do people have with their streets?

Public spaces have secret meaning for people. Mostly, it's positive or neutral, but sometimes those meaning are negative. Sometimes this involves seeing someone who is important to us for the final time--a former friend, an ex, or an estranged family member. We tend to keep these types of memories secret even from our friends, and they can make walking down the street emotionally painful.

"The last time I saw..." looked at these types of memories. For this project, I collected people's stories, and asked them to tell me the exact location where they last saw that person. I put this all together in a book and a website, and also lead a walking tour.

Location: Providence RI

Dates: 2007-2008.

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Margo Irvin. "The cartography of memory: mapping personal history on the streets of Providence." Providence RI: The College Hill Independent. Feb. 28, 2008.