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Hi there! I'm Tim Devin.

My projects focus on community, communication, and social change. They've been included in art and urbanist shows across the US, Canada, and Europe, and have been featured in such news sources as NPR, CBC and, more locally, the Boston Globe.

You can sign up for my low-volume announcement list here. And here I am, on twitter.

If you feel like getting in touch, write me at: . I'm always up for talking about possible projects and collaborations, and I'd be tickled pink to give a talk somewhere.

Rise Industries arts group, member, 2006 on.
People’s Tours, founding member, 2012 on.
Somerville Arts Council
, advisory board member, 2011 on. Chair of advisory board, 2012 on.
Boston Typewriter Orchestra, founder. Member 2004-2006.
Space Equals Work, founding member, 2013-2014.

Some recent press / publications / radio / t.v.

(for things I've written or edited, see the "writings / etc." section, above)

Alessandro Ludovico. Post-digital print: the mutation of publishing since 1894. Eindhoven, Netherlands: Onomatopee. 2012.

Nicholas Ganz. Street Messages. Sweden: Dokument Press. 2015.

Robert Klanten, Adeline Mollard, Matthias Hubner and Sonja Commentz, editors. Behind the zines: the self-publishing culture. Berlin: Gestalten Press. April 2011.


Radio / t.v.
Boston Public Radio. Boston MA: WGBH. April 15, 2013.

The Callie Crossley Show. Boston MA: WGBH. June 13, 2011.

Greater Somerville talk show, hosted by KyAnn Anderson. Somerville MA: Somerville Cable Access Television. Aired Nov. 12, 2013.

Ossigeno! Bologna, Italy: Radio Metropolitana. May 27, 2011.

Somerville Art Matters talk show, hosted by Julia Fairclough. Somerville MA: Somerville Cable Access Television. Aired twice a week through the month of June 2009.

Spark talk show, hosted by Nora Young. Toronto, Canada: Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Aired April 22 and 25, 2009. Toronto, Canada.

Poet to poet/writer to writer talk show, hosted by Doug Holder. Somerville MA: Somerville Cable Access Television. Aired March 3, 2009.

Two Hotheads: Where Activism Happens talk show. Boston MA: Unregular Radio. Jan. 12, 2013..


Newspapers/magazines/news websites
Aaron Dentel-Post. "Artist bets on Somerville with Stock Exchange." Somerville MA: Somerville Scout. May 15, 2012.

Andrew Firestone. "Locals see the future." Somerville MA: The Somerville News. February 10, 2011.

Andrew Price. "Artist posts neighborhood surveys and infographics on the streets of Boston." San Francisco CA: GOOD Magazine. May 17, 2011.

Andrew Vande Moere. "Broadsides: showing the street." Flanders, Belgium: Information Aesthetics. May 23, 2011.

Chris Orchard. "Artist starts Somerville Stock Exchange to promote good deeds." Somerville MA: Somerville Patch. May 2, 2012.

Chris Orchard. "The Somerville Stock Exchange, a year in the making, comes to an end." Somerville MA: Somerville Patch. April 2, 2013.

Dan Gould. "I left this here for you to read." New York NY: PSFK. December 10, 2008.

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Jarret Bencks. "City stock exchange closes today." Boston MA: The Boston Globe. March 31, 2013.

Julia Fairclough. "Tell us your vision for the future of Somerville: community art project shares points of view." Somerville MA: The Somerville News. May 20, 2009.

Jackie Wong. "'Lost' magazine meant to be found by Vancouverites." Vancouver, BC: The West Ender:
Vancouver's urban weekly.
January 14, 2009.

Joshua Rothman. "Somerville's mystery posterer revealed." Boston MA: The Boston Globe. May 23, 2011.

Marc Levy. "Performing a temp job that is anything but routine." Cambridge MA: Cambridge Day. June 29, 2010.

Matt Byrne. "Somerville artist's fliers ask big questions of total strangers." Boston MA: Boston Globe. May 24, 2011.

Matteo Bittanti. "Urbano troppo urbano: quattro modi di visualizzari le citta." Milan, Italy: May 25, 2011.

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Samanthan Michaels. "Collective brush strokes: the community as the canvas: can art change the world?" Washington DC: The State of the Reunion. June 8, 2011.

Sebastian Campion. "Boston street surveys, infographics and poems." Copenhagen, Denmark: Guerrilla Innovation. May 17, 2011.

Sebastian Campion. "I left this here for you to read." Copenhagen, Denmark: Guerrilla Innovation. November 17, 2008.

"The Somerville Stock Exchange community art project." Somerville MA: The Somerville News. March 28, 2013.

"Street artist? Demographer? Yes." Boston MA: Boston Egotist. May 2011.

"Superbowl alternatives." Boston MA: Boston Magazine. Feb. 2011.

Susan Johnston. "Trading for good: Somerville Stock Exchange shares deeds that pay it forward." Boston MA: Boston Globe. May 31, 2012.

Thom Fountain. "Doing neighborhoods right." Eau Claire WI: Volume One. Sept 21, 2014.

Vito Campanelli. "I left this here for you to read: networked distribution magazine." Rome, Italy: Neural: new media art, electronic music, hacktivism. Issue 32 (Spring 2009).

Wang Hongmiao. "Somerville 'community stocks game'". Jinan, China: Jing ji xue jia cha zuo : jing hua ben (Teahouse for economists). 2014, issue no. 1.

Some recent art shows

"It narratives: the movement of objects as information." Franklin Street Works. Stamford CT. Sept 6 – Nov. 9, 2014

"Fluxjob." Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Minneapolis, MN. February 7 - July 6, 2014.

"The artist's PC." (Part of the European Union's Valorization of Innovative Technologies for Ageing in Europe conference.) Le Botanique Centre Culturel de la Fédération Wallonie. Brussels, Belgium. January 2014.

"In public space we trust: Spettacolo collttivo per la costruzione di una nuova citta." Castello di Chiaramonte. Favara, Italy. June 2013 - March 2014.

"Time Body Space Objects 2." Anthony Greaney Gallery. Boston MA. October 2012.

"Rum Riot Press." Space Gallery. Portland ME. July/August 2012.

"Rise Industries." Institute of Cultural Inquiry. Los Angeles CA. June 2011.

"The history of Somerville, 2010-2100.” Nave Gallery. Somerville MA. February 2011. (Solo show)

"The everyday exchange.” Meme Gallery. Cambridge MA. June/July 2010. (Solo show)

"Thanks for sharing!” D21 Gallery. Leipzig, Germany. May 2010.

“Space is the place.” (Part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2009.) National College of Art and Design. Dublin, Ireland. August 2009.

“Fluxhibition.” University of Texas. Arlington TX. July 2009.

Some recent art festivals and events

Common Boston 2012. Boston MA. June 2012.

Common Boston 2010. Boston MA. June 2010.

Figment Boston 2010. Cambridge MA. June 2010.

Something New 2009. Chicago IL. November 2009.

DUMBO Art Center’s Art Under the Bridge Festival. Brooklyn NY. September 2009.

Somerville in Shorts. Somerville MA. August 2009.

Artbeat 2009. Somerville MA. July 2009.