"i left this here for you to read"  

How we used to create our magazine

Note: we are no longer accepting material, or publishing new issues.

All of the material we received went onto a password-protected blog. People who volunteered to put an issue together would then select what material they wanted from this blog.

Whoever had volunteered to design, lay out, and/or print this issue would then do so. Those volunteers would then also mail copies to the people whose material was part of that issue.


1. About this magazine. News. And who submitted material.
2. What we used to print, and where we distributed the magazine.
3. Would you like to help us distribute "i left this here for you to read"?
4. How we used to edit and produce this magazine, and who helped out.

5. Other versions of this project that people have started.
6. Would you like to create your own "i left this here for you to read"?