"i left this here for you to read"  

What we used to include in our magazines

Note: we are no longer accepting material, or publishing new issues.

We used to automatically include anything we received, as long as it fits into the following guidelines:

- Written pieces--as long as they were no longer than 400 words.
- Images--as long as they were black and white (aka "gray scale").
- Physical objects--as long as they were flat, or very thin, and smaller than 8 ½" x 5 ½". They had to be able to fit into a small envelope, or a two-inch square plastic bag; or had be able to be stapled or taped to a page. All objects had to be nontoxic, and legal. (Note: all people submitting physical objects had tomail us 50 copies of said object. Or 50 different ones.)

All contributors received 2 copies of the issue that their material appears in. They also had their name listed on our website (unless they didn't want their name listed on their website for some reason).


1. About this magazine. News. And who submitted material.
2. What we used to print, and where we distributed the magazine.
3. Would you like to help us distribute "i left this here for you to read"?
4. How we used to edit and produce this magazine, and who helped out.

5. Other versions of this project that people have started.
6. Would you like to create your own "i left this here for you to read"?