"i left this here for you to read"  


(This page was last updated on 1/14/11.)

January 14, 2011
Last May, the D21 Gallery in Leipzig put on a large show and symposium about art zines, and included "i left this here...". They just created a book about the the events, called "Thanks for sharing." You can see it here for free; and you can get yourself a copy here.

May 3, 2010
Well, it's been a little while, but...

...On May 7, 2010, the D21 Gallery in Leipzig will be presenting a great show on zines, called "Thanks for Sharing". There will be zines, zines and more zines--alongside talks, workshops and other suchlike goodness. "i left this here..." will be part of the show.

November 11, 2009
"i left this here..." will be part of the Something New Festival in Chicago today. Throughout the day, Eli Skipp, Elisha Marshall, Libby Taggart, Nick van der Kolk, and a number of anonymous volunteers will be leaving copies of the magazine around Chicago. Thanks for the help everybody! See the project's page on the festival's website for more details.

October 17, 2009
We printed up our final issues of this magazine today--issue #40. Thanks to everyone who's helped out in some way! And, of course, we're still looking for folks to help distribute our magazines. Email Tim at i.left.this.here@gmail.com if you're interested in helping. Thanks everyone!

September 25-27, 2009
"i left this here..." will be part of the Dumbo Art Center's 13th annual Art Under the Bridge Festival. During the festival, Amanda B. Friedman will leave copies of the magazine in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Thanks Amanda!

August 27, 2009
"i left this here..." will be part of a group show documenting interventionist projects in Dublin, at the National College of Art and Design. The show is called "Space is the place," and also features work by the Institute for Applied Autonomy, and the Surveillance Camera Players, among others. It's part of this year's ISEA conference.

May 25, 2009
We're starting to close our doors here. We're no longer accepting new material... (but, of course, if we've asked you to submit something, or you're working on something we know about, we'll be glad to include it in a future issue)

Thanks everyone!

April 22, 2009
Nora Young interviewed Tim about this project for CBC's Spark show. (CBC being Canada's national public radio. Sheesh.) Here's the show's blog post about the project, and here's the episode itself.

April 5, 2009
Doug Holder printed the tv interview he did of founder Tim Devin in the Somerville News. Here is the article.

April 3, 2009
Neural, the Italian new media art magazine, has included Vito Campanelli's piece on this project in Issue 32, which came out this week. Here is the original web article by Campanelli.

March 10, 2009
Doug Holder had founder Tim Devin on his Somerville MA talk show, "Poet to Poet, Writer to Writer." Here is a partial transcript of the interview.

March 2, 2009
Tiffany Neely started a version of this project in Houston TX. Here is her website.

February 10, 2009
Vito Campanelli wrote a really nice piece about our project for Neural. Here's the article.

January 9, 2009
Dale Roberts was nice enough to include Issue #12 in the "Mailmania 3" show he curated at Victoria, British Columbia's Vancouver Island School of Art. The show opened today.

January 8, 2009
Jackie Wong was nice enough to write a piece on this project in Vancouver's WestEnder. Here is the article

December 16, 2008
Rob Gordijn has started a Dutch version of this project. Here is their website. (Note: this project shut down in March 2009.)

December 3, 2008
We now have a news page. I'm going to fill in some past details to make it Look Official. Humor me.

December 2, 2008
About a half dozen of us in Boston are going to get together to assemble issues 6, 7, 8, and 9.

November 25, 2008
The Darwin Community Arts Center in Australia has started their own version of this project. Here is their website

November 19, 2008
Issue 5 went out into the world. It was distributed in Boston, NY, LA, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, and Richmond VA

November 18, 2008
Coudal and Guerrilla Innovation were both nice enough to talk about us today.

Thanks guys!

November 10, 2008
We now have a facebook group page, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

November 1, 2008
We decided to make this project public today. The first 4 issues were done without announcing them.

1. About this magazine. News. And who submitted material.
2. What we used to print, and where we distributed the magazine.
3. Would you like to help us distribute "i left this here for you to read"?
4. How we used to edit and produce this magazine, and who helped out.

5. Other versions of this project that people have started.
6. Would you like to create your own "i left this here for you to read"?