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how participation worked

During the time the Stock Exchange was open (March 31, 2012-March 31, 2013), people could participate in two ways.

1. by letting us know about things they'd done to help Somerville's community, creative life, or environment. OR

2. by making a donation to one of the project's nonprofit partners (the Somerville Homeless Coalition, Somerville Climate Action, and
the Somerville Arts Council), and then letting us know about it.

Both options earned people "Somerville Stock." These didn't have any monetary value-- they were more of a metaphor. Or part of a game. Stockholders received "stocks," as well as periodic "stockholder statements," which told them how the cause they had supported was doing.

Almost 100 people participated. You can read about their actions in the "community forum" and "stock reports" sections, and you can see their names in the "stockholders" section.




stock reports
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  final stock values

Community: $27.10
Environment: $14.51
Creative: $17.33