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how stocks worked

The SSE let people hold "stocks" in three causes that affect life in Somerville Mass.: Community, The Environment, and The Arts.

These shares changed value depending on current events (news articles; laws; policies, etc.), and individual actions (the things that community members like yourself do). So, for instance, when we heard about a number of positive things people had done for the community, community stocks went up. Or... if a number of negative things happened, then stocks went down.

All of these current events and individual actions were collected, and written up as part of this project.

Note: stocks weren't worth any money. Think of them as a game. Or as a metaphor.


how people got stocks

People got stocks in two ways. First, they let us know about things that they'd done to positively impact a particular cause. Or, they made a donation to a Somerville nonprofit through this project.



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Community: $27.10
Environment: $14.51
Creative: $17.33