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what are stocks worth?

Stocks had no monetary value, and weren't redeemable for anything. That said, we pretended that they did have a value. Mostly, this is a way of showing that things fluctuate in real life--that your community may get better or worse depending on what community members do, and depending on what the government does. And on what you as an invidual do.

Think of it as a game. Or as a metaphor.

At any rate, during the year the project was active, we tracked things that affected each of the three causes (Community; the Environment; and the Arts), and changed the value of the stocks accordingly.

You can read about all of these actions and new items in the "community forum" or "stock reports" section.




what are "stocks"?
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stock reports
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  final stock values

Community: $27.10
Environment: $14.51
Creative: $17.33