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Mapping out utopia: 1970s Boston-area counterculture

book 1 (Cambridge) & book 2 (Boston)

MAPPING OUT UTOPIA is a three-part look at the Boston area's 1970s counterculture, based on listings found in old countercultural directories and magazines. Each volume of MAPPING OUT UTOPIA maps out a different part of the city.

Book 1 overviews of almost 100 orgs, and a number of in-depth profiles and essays on topics ranging from affordable spaces to feminism.

Book 2 offers overviews of almost 200 orgs, eleven hand-drawn maps, and a number of in-depth overviews on topics including Gay Liberation, black separatism, and church basements as countercultural command centers.

(Book 3 is coming soon!)

From Operation Black to the Recycling Revolutionary Coop, it's all in here.

Published by: Free the Future Press.

Details: Book 1: 80 pages. 20 illustrations + 7 hand-drawn maps. Brown cardstock cover, with off-white interior pages. 5.5" wide x 8.5" high. Book 2: 108 pages. 26 illustrations + 11 hand-drawn maps. Green cardstock cover, with off-white interior pages. 5.5" wide x 8.5" high.

Date: 2017.

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