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behind the black boxes


Trying to make sense out of a heavily-redacted report on the FBI’s involvement in the PRISM surveillance program.

(coming soon)


The Somerville Stock Exchange (SSE)


A project that lets people acquire shares in the Community; the Environment; and the Arts. Community members can earn these shares through individual actions, or purchase them by making donations to nonprofits.



BBC broadsides


Broadsides (small street posters) that I put up around the Boston area-- everything from maps showing stats about Boston; to surveys about community; to poems by Paul Johns.




People's tours


Exploring the Boston area's rich history of contested spaces, important protests, and shady corporations.





A gallery-based piece that explored people's commitments.




Sidewalk history

Small street posters about different strikes, protests, and sit-ins.




The history of Somerville, 2010-2100


A community art project that explores what the future might be like--by asking people.




the everyday exchange Talking to people about their daily routines-- and then making them presents about their routines. 2008-2011
The Logan Airport sidewalk wander A group exploration of the sidewalk that connects Boston's airport terminals. 2010
i left this here for you to read A hand-made magazine created, edited, designed, and illustrated by anyone who wanted to help-- and then left in public places by other volunteers around the world. 2008-2009
"The last time I saw..." Collecting and mapping people's stories of the last time they saw someone who was important to them--but who they no longer speak to. 2007-2008
MEWS-PARI MEWS-PARI (the meaningful encounters with strangers preservation and reenactment initiative) collected people's stories of meaningful encounters they've had with strangers. As part of the project, I also made maps and graphs analyzing the stories, and dramatizations so people could step into someone else's shoes for a while. 2007-2010
Email flyer project Leaving a highly-personal, but fictional, email exchange on car windshields in 6 different cities-- and seeing how people respond. 2006
Flyer project Site-specific flyers describing true memories and daydreams. 2002
Car windshield flyer project Leaving a highly-personal, but fictional, note on car windshields in Boston. 1997